Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology

Vision Mission Strategies

            Being a modern academic resource and information technology center encouraging research, self-learning, as well as developing servicing and managing systems using the whole system of information technology

  1. Providing academic and information technology services supporting learning and teaching and research conducted for students, lecturers, and personnel
  2. Providing academic and information technology services encouraging learning and research conducted for the public promoting life-long learning
  3. Providing and managing effective and thoroughly- covered network system for the university
  4. Researching and developing servicing and managing systems using information technology
  1. Being university’s academic service center for learning and teaching, and being a research and inventions database
  2. Being the network hub responding to the needs of the university in communicating via information technology
  3. Being a software developing center taking care of university databases for services and management to be more  convenient and effective
Strategic Goals
  1. Promoting learning and teaching
  2. Being research sources
  3. Providing effective network systems
  4. Encouraging effective services
  5. Encouraging effective management
Strategic Plan
  1. Developing information technology for learning and teaching
  2. Developing information technology for research and inventions
  3. Promoting and encouraging research conducting and inventions
  4. Developing network systems
  5. Developing personnel information technology skills
  6. Developing servicing software
  7. Developing managing software
Methods and Procedures
  1. Developing e-learning systems
  2. Developing learning and teaching materials storing system
  3. Raising found to purchase learning and teaching materials
  4. Developing e-library systems
  5. Establishing an extended service computer center
  6. Holding learning and teaching materials creation training
  7. Developing research and inventions database
  8. Developing research and invention information systems
  9. Equipping an effective mainframe for research database processing
  10. Holding regional seminars exhibiting research findings and inventions
  11. Providing network systems throughout university
  12. Equipping intra-wireless network system in lecturerhalls and personnel housing areas
  13. Providing networking equipment for network expanding
  14. Holding information technology seminar for personnel
  15. Welcoming computer engineering and information technology trainees
  16. Setting up IT consulting center
  17. Setting up holistic network learning center
  18. Developing university servicing software
  19. Holding servicing software training for personnel
  20. Surveying servicing software needs
  21. Developing managing software for university departments
  22. Holding managing software training for personnel
  23. Developing managing database for university executives