Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology

Resources and Information

Mrs. Nongnard  Rawangwong
Deputy Director Resources and Information
E-mail: nongnard.r @

Mr. Tanapat  Thammachot
Academic Computer Officer/Programmer
Chief, Resources and Information
IP Phone : 3940

Miss Kanyakorn  Polsawat
Academic librarians
E-mail: kanyakorn.p @
IP Phone : 3949

Mrs. Yuwadee  Junpradit
Academic librarians
E-mail: yuwadee.c @
IP Phone : 3941

Mr. Weerachai  Intaraanon
Academic librarians
E-mail: weerachai.i @
IP Phone : 3947

Mrs. anlipreeya  Rakklay
Administrative Officer
E-mail: anlipreeya.r @
IP Phone : 3945

Mr. Padol  Chalaieophrom
Administrative Officer
E-mail: padol.c @
IP Phone : 3923

Mrs. Sujaree  Nopparat
Administrative Officer
E-mail: sujaree.n @
IP Phone : 3948

Miss Nonglak  Rugjun
Administrative Officer
E-mail: nonglak.r @
IP Phone : 3943